Italian design furniture: round shapes in every room

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Italian design furniture is demanded, commercialized and yes, also widely imitated in every part of the world and the reason is very simple: the highest standards of quality meet innovative concepts and designs, all in one product!
Italian furniture is not only elegant, beautiful and comfortable but it can also accompany you for a very long time: for this reason, being surrounded by things you love can give a great satisfaction, especially after a hard working day.
The Italian market is an ocean of possibilites, there are products for every taste and furniture style and usually the hardest part is to choose.
Today I’d like to give you a couple of ideas, and talk about round shaped furniture: these kind of shapes are not only extremely fascinating and elegant, they also have the great value of bringing a soft, light touch to your environments.
I’ve gathered a couple of Italian design products I particularly like, where you can notice a clever use of the round shape.
Let’s start with the Daytona extensible table by Cattelan, with its peculiar triangular top shape. A beautiful example of Italian design, where the elegance of the shape matches the lightness of the materials: extra-light glass for the top and stainless steel for the structure.
Bombo stool is one of the most famous Magis design product and one of the most imitated too!
A perfect choice for your kitchen or snack bar, elegant and comfortable at the same time, thanks to its welcoming round seat and the quality of its finishes. Something you cannot always get with imitations!
If you have a little bit of space left, why not thinking about Question Mark by Tonon?
A charming yet functional armchair, with a spiral shape that reminds a question mark (as the name says) emblem of our constant search for answers. The great thing about this armchair is its wide possibility of customization, the cover is infact available in several colours and fabrics.
Round shapes are not only a living or sitting room prerogative; give your bedroom a luxury feeling and a little bit of movement thanks to the Calice revolving bed. Characterized by a majestic goblet shaped structure and a useful revolving mechanism (manual or electric). Just picture yourself on this great piece of Italian furniture, raised from the floor, while revolving the structure to look out of your window, maybe with your led lights on… doesn’t it feel great?
Last but not least I’d like to show you the Alia nightstand where the ideal union between round and square lines gives life to an original and soft design. The drawers fronts have rounded edges, that also function as handles, this results in a clean yet elegant line. The nightstand is available in oak or cherry wood and in glossy or opaque lacquer, giving you a wide choice of customization.
Well… it’s all for now, see you next time!




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