2 days to go to the sofa crowd-crafting workshop in New York. Introducing the team who designed #sofa4manhattan.

berto design team for sofa4manhattanImagine being in New York City, surrounded by top talent, world-class designers, trying to figure out the best possible sofa for Manhattan.

As incredible as it may sound for a small artisanal company like us, thanks to Design-Apart this dream came true last january, with the co-design and crowd-crafting project #sofa4manhattan.

As we pack our suitcases to reach the New York Design-Apart loft for the second part of the project – the crowd-crafting workshop, which will take place this Saturday, March 15th – we would like to thank once again the dream-team of designers who signed the project, Lera Moiseeva and Joe Graceffa: your approach, so sophisticated and yet so easy to deal with, has been a lesson in itself for us.

And of course we are deeply appreciative of the work of the coordinator of the design team, Luca Nichetto: what a pleasure for us to enjoy your happy touch on this project! Thank you Luca!

And now, let’s bring this extraordinary design into reality: after prototyping it, we are ready to deliver to New York and Newyorkers their ideal sofa… New York, here we come!


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