Shit happens: at JFK airport part of the #sofa4manhattan prototype is missing. We must postpone the crowdcrafting session.

We’ve designed it in New York with 12 of the most talented designers of the world.

We have prototyped it in Italy in 3 weeks.

We’ve rushed to the worldwide courier within the time limit given.

And then something went wrong, yesterday, upon arrival at the JFK airport.

We’ve spent all day yesterday and part of the past night over the phone with airport executives: one essential piece of the #sofa4manhattan prototype we had realized for the crowd-crafting session is missing.

We apologize for this last-minute inconvenience and – as much as we know that getting involved in innovative forms of production and distribution with limited period of time is always risky – we are not giving up.

Our Masters Artisans are already working on the new prototype.

We’ve thrown ourselves into this project completely, getting over all kind of problems between different continents and cultures, putting high-class designers to work with Italian Master Artisans, conceiving a piece of furniture with high cultural impact.

Never we would have imagined to find an obstacle… at the airport.

But: we are used to taking up difficult challenges and aim to ambitious goals, and when we believe in a project there is no worlwide courier that can hold us back.

This is to say that we’ll announce the new date of the New York crowd-crafting session real soon.

Stay tuned, and if you see a beautiful #sofa4manhattan prototype in the New York area, just think of Forrest Gump. We’ll keep on running, no matter what we step into, just like him.

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