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A black kitchen? How would you friends react? I have a total white kitchen, white tiles on the floor, white cabinets, a white pendant lamp, a white fridge and a white oven. I am getting a little tired of all that amount of white, it is very bright of course, but my kitchen is south exposed is just flooded with natural light. The only furniture that brings a little warmth in the middle of white is a wood table. The opposite and most  radical choice to all that white would be black cabinets everywhere and only some little touches of color. Some of the things I am considering righ now when it comes to home decoration is replacing white tiles with a much more functional, warm hued flooring, and second, replace the bright white cabinets with another color. What about metallic gold or just black? It is just an idea, I do not really know if I will ever put it in practice (personal tastes, hubby intervening), but I am really enjoying it…. And just to give you a preliminary taste of that imaginary kitchen, here are some inspirational pics. Have a great day! 

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