Scandinavian Flair – Piccolo appartamento scandinavo

The best commercial to Scandinavian furniture and Scandinavian Design are the way apartments are advertised and the way pieces of furniture are staged by estate agencies like Alvhem Makleri and Stadshem, which have become some of my main sources of streamlined, essential, elegant Scandi design. What I like the most about Scandi interiors are the different nooks and multifuncional interiors. A living room is also a reading room, a playing room, a TV room. All in one, letting everybody follow their own interests. Well, mixing up interests at the same time would also be a little bit confusing and noisy, but I am sure you understand my point. (I cannot carry on reading an “engaging” bookpage while other people around me watch TV). People living in medium sized apartments cannot afford themselves a TV room. That is why creating different areas that hold different functions turns to be a wonderful solution for normal people willing to cultivate intellectual interests. Today I would like to share this wonderful Scandinavian jewel. It’s cozy, appealing, essential and very very functional. Hope you enjoy this home tour! Have a great week start!

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