DIY décor wall art – Quadri fai da te

I am always in the mood for decorating and upcycling. The next upcoming project will be a beautiful vintage mirror that I would like to repaint and bring to a new life. I do not know when I will be able to do it and when exactly will I find the time, but I am here to announce my good intentions. Here are some nice and inspiring DIY wall art ideas that I found on the web. The red heart is so romantic, with that back tate of naif touch. The nice phrase embroidere on the jute is just so lovely and easy to realize. Just pick up a pice of jute, needle and thread, and choose a nice phrae to fix on the fabric. And what about the framed died botanicals? They are just the perfect frames for a fall living room. Let the artist within you come out! Have a great day!

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