A place to visit in Rome on Halloween – Halloween a Roma

Halloween coincides with the Ognissanti religious recurrence, but for all the Anglosaxons visiting Rome in this time of the year I just feel I have to suggest a wonderful place to visit. It is the Diocletian Public Baths complex, which obviously nowadays has been transformed into a few amazing museums on ancient Rome. This one is just two steps away from the Termini train station, in the center of Rome, just two steps away from the Museum of Roman art and the Santa Maria degli Angeli Basilica, where the genial Michelangelo worked and spent a lot of time and energy to repropose it in its actual shape. The complex has been wonderfully preserved and this one is just a place to see. It’s paths, the scent of fresh cut grass, the wonderful statues and the beautiful sarcophages and tombs are just a place to see not only during Halloween. Here are some pics, hope you enjoy them. Happy and fun Halloween! Buon Ognissanti!

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