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Decorating with Green – Arredare con il verde

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It surely depends on the season, but the choice or the fact that you have a knack for a particular color may also depend on the mood you’re in. In this time of the year I am trying to look at things with a detached eye, with mindfulness and gratitude towards the beautiful things that I have. By saying this I don’t mean I don’t give the right importance to the negative aspects of life that every human being goes through, but the effort we should put on looking and appreciating life and the fact that we are alive, should be far greater than the amount of time we spend thinking at all the minutae and troubles of life.

A soft green makes me look at the world with a relaxed mood and warm feelings. Perhaps it is because of the perfumed and balmy air of spring, because of the birds chirping at my windows every morning that I am so attracted to green. I am seriosly thinking to green paint the main wall of my bedroom . It would be great and it would only bring positive vibes to my bedroom.

The main inspiration came from Céline apartment in Lyon, France (for more pictures and for more information on Céline , a French woman with a great taste for interior decoration, go here) which I loved at first sight. It is amazing and although I may sound linguistically limited, I, by no means, can find another word to describe it. Hope you enjoy my  dose of inspiration and see you next time!

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My bedroom and some touches of green – La mia camera da letto e qualche tocchi di verde scuro

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I definitely love green and this is definitely the season of this powerful, vital color that blooms everywhere in all shades and nuances. Dark green or emerald green and military green are my favorite ones and lately I keep scrolling pictures of interiors where some touches of green make the difference, add warmth, freshness and a calm feeling all over a place.

That’s why today I want to share my bedroom with you and the touches of green I have been adding to it lately.

The other day I was having a walk atm y Ikea store (and you never get out from an Ikea store without something in your basket). I found (for a 1 € each, can you believe it? a real bargain) two floral cushions that I decorated my bed with.  I love them because green, white and the grey curtains is my fave palette ever. I had been thinking of adding some touches of green and that’s why I decided to hang the green oak leaf over the headboard. Hope you like my redecoration.  I am sorry for the picture. I have to provide myself with some more sophisticated and advanced devices.

Here is my dark green interior (and some fashion hints) moodboard of the season. See you soon! Have a great Easter time! 



Pattumiere Brabantia – Il nuovo pezzo di design

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Ebbene sì, parliamo di pattumiere della spazzatura, belle, colorate e di design. Perché l’oggetto ecologico per eccellenza ha trovato in cucina e ovunque lo si adopera, una sua dignità, meritata e ben definita.

In un’epoca in cui gli argomenti che riguardano la green economy, l’ambiente e l’inquinamento sono sempre più attuali e riguardano tutta la popolazione globale, l’oggetto in questione acquista una nuova importanza ritrovata e diventa un pezzo di design, da esporre, da abbinare ai colori della cucina, e non certo da nascondere sotto il lavandino.  La pattumiera acquista inoltre, nuove forme, diventa oblunga, acquista la forma del parallelepipedo perfetto da incastrare in uno spazio definito, trasformandosi quindi nel nuovo pezzo imprescindibile di design, della vostra cucina e non solo. Grazie alle nuove forme, la pattumiera può diventare un vero e proprio mobile di appoggio, nell’ingresso, ma anche nella sala da pranzo. Grazie ai doppi scompartimenti interni delle nuove pattumiera,  le bottiglie appena stappate possono essere divise in vetro e plastica, senza neanche fare un passo in cucina. Inoltre, le aperture soft – touch ne rendono perfetto l’utilizzo.

E parlando di pattumiere, quale miglior scelta di Brabantia? I colori alla moda e la qualità di alta gamma, ne fanno degli oggetti da avere a tutti i costi. Avreste mai pensato ad una pattumiera color rosa quarzo? Il colore meno aspettato per un oggetto che fino a ieri era considerato un oggetto da nascondere e di terz’ordine. Non vedo l’ora di sostituire la mia vecchia pattumiera di plastica sotto il lavandino con una bella, nuova e allegra pattumiera di design firmata Brabantia. Eccovi alcune foto per lasciarvi ispirare! 




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Il fine settimana è praticamente dietro la porta e non vedo l’ora di passare un po’ di tempo di qualità in famiglia. Beh, a dirla tutta, non sarà il classico weekend di riposo e di relax assoluto, come non lo è per la maggioranza di noi mamme lavoratrici che nel fine settimana, se riescono, cercano di eliminare la maggior parte degli impegni segnati nelle infinite to-do lists che popolano le loro borse. Comunque, sarà anche il tempo di mettere insieme qualche pranzetto degno di questo nome. Tante sono le idee e poco il tempo durante la settimana per realizzare tutto quello che abbiamo in testa. Ma per dedicarsi all’arte culinaria, un piacevole ambiente e una bella / organizzata cucina è la condizione primaria per lasciarci andare a creazioni culinarie di livello. Insomma, un ambiente pieno di luce o di fascino, come nel caso delle cucine dalle pareti verde scuro, aiuta sicuramente la fantasia. Io personalmente, non saprei quale scegliere. Amo le cucine bianche piene di luce e quelle col tocco rustico della parete in mattoncini, ma amo anche quelle glam dai tocchi scuri e dai lampadari scenografici. Insomma, spero che questa carrellata di belle cucine vi sia di ispirazione per il vostro week-end. Alla prossima!

The weekend is almost here and I can’t wait for some relaxed family time. Saturday is always a very busy day. I have a full to do list that I can’t wait to throw away.Anyway, tomorrow I hope I will feel a little bit more relieved. Speaking about weekends, it is not only time for getting some well deserved rest, but it is alwo the perfect time to spend some value time in our kitchens. I never have time to properly think about our weekly menus and have soooo many ideas about what to cook and how to prepare good dishes. Of course, if you want to cook, you need a beautiful kitchen or at least a well organized one. Here is a selection of my ideal kitchen. From the brick wall kitchen with that very rustic and chic flair that is sooo inviting to the minimalist one, total white loook to the dark green and glamour pending lamps. I can’t say which one do I love best. The dark one is so elegant and chic, the bright ones are just so happiness infusing….. Hope you love them! Can’t wait to hear from you and the yummy dishes these kitchens have inspired you. Have a great weekend!




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Il soggiorno dalle pareti bianche dove la parte del protagonista, oltre al bianco, la fanno gli accessori, i quadri o i tessuti, è un must per gli amanti dell’arredamento. Basta dare uno sguardo a questi bellissimi soggiorni francesi, tratti dal sito insidecloset per rendersi conto e per convincersi che il total white sulle pareti o nella scelta dei divani costituisce la scelta più chic e sofisticata che ci sia. Sbizzarrirsi poi con i colori sarà ancora più facile e l’effetto “caos visivo” del tutto evitato. Io ho amato questi bellissimi e raffinati soggiorni bianchi, pieni di luminosità e di vibrazioni positive. Buon sabato e buona ispirazione.

Today’s post is about white living rooms where the real protagonists, apart from the total white of the walls or the pieces of furniture, are the accessories, pillows or beautiful paintings. The ones I am sharing today are some beautiful living rooms chosen from the Inside Closet blog, which I love and always turn to for real inspiration. These living rooms are just so chic, beautifully decorated and easy to spend some relax time with friends and relatives. And adding color to these interiors can just be funny and the “visual chaos” easily avoided. While chosing these pictures, I felt some very positive vibrations, their light makes them so dainty and chic. Be inspired and have a great week-end!



New Year’s Home Tour – Home tour di inizio anno

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Hello there! I missed the december appointment on the blog and here I am with this wonderful wintery warm apartement, decorated for Christmas time in a unique and spectacular way. Hope you love it. I love the soft colors and the touches of nature that are spread throughout the house. It makes me wish it was Christmas all year long… Have a wonderful week end and a fantastic 2019!




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In questo periodo dell’anno siamo tutti alla ricerca frenetica del regalo perfetto. E nessuno o almeno pochi, pensano a pezzi di design, ad accessori per interni che se scelti, con cura e gusto, possono essere i regali perfetti per i vostri amici appassionati di buon design, ma perfetti anche per farvi un meritato regalo a fine anno. Personalmente, preferisco di gran lunga un bell’oggetto di design ad un pigiama colorato o ad una collana qualsiasi. Conoscete tutti il mio amore per gli interni francesi dove pezzi di design vivono simbioticamente e in una perfetta fusione con il design tradizionale e in appartamenti di taglio classico. E quale migliore fonte di ispirazione di Sediarreda, un vero e proprio polo di attrazione, fisico e virtuale, dove si può trovare di tutto, dal comodino di Kartell, alla lampada  a sospensione di Gervasoni, disegnata da Paola Navone, alla lampada a sospensione di Normann Copenhagen. Sediarreda è una fonte inesauribile di design bello e soprattutto di qualità italiana. Scorrendo le pagine del sito, mi sono ritrovata a sognare su molti pezzi che potrei aggiungere al mio soggiorno o a belli accessori/accessibili (scusate il gioco di parole) a tutte le tasche. Pensateci bene quest’anno. Immaginate un bell’interno tradizionale dove quei pochi pezzi dal sapore contemporaneo aggiungono il giusto tocco di colore che eleva in termini di gusto l’intero ambiente. Un bel pezzo di design è il regalo di cui nessuno potrà mai disfarsene facilmente. Lasciatevi ispirare e divertitevi!
In this time of the year,  we are all in a rush for the perfect gift. No one ever thinks of design pieces but in my view, a mindfully choosen design piece would be just perfect for your design addicted friends and parents and for yourself as well. I love furniture pieces as gifts and I would rather and by far appreciate a beautiful object for my appartment that a necklace or just a colorful pajama. You know my love for French interiors where contemporary pieces live in a perfect fusion and symbiotic life with classic design and vintage furniture. Here is a wonderful and uber rich source of inspiration where you buy and get delivered whatever piece of furniture you have in mind. It’s name is Sediarreda which means Furnishing Chairs. Through the years Sediarreda has become an immense pole of attraction on the web for people who love good Italian design and super quality. On the website of Sediarreda I just found myself drooling over every single piece. You can find everything, from Kartell modular nightstands, to wonderfully designed pendant lamps that would add style and make a statement in every interior. My favorite ones are Cupole and Brass pendant lamp, designed by Gio Romano Colonna and the well-known architect Paola Navone. Just think of a classical interior, a beautiful interior where touches of contemporary furniture add elegance and that touch of color that you need to upgrade your living or bedroom. Have fun and choose the right pieces and above all make the gift no one is ever going to get rid of!



Fashion pills with a style icon: Naomi Watts – Pillole di stile con un’icona di stile: Naomi Watts

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E’ un cruccio che riguarda tutte le donne dell’universo: cosa mettersi la mattina per andare al lavoro. Ad alcune riesce sempre bene, ad altre no. E non è questione di budget o di armadi strapieni di vestiti,  è semplicemente questione di gusto e di stile. C’è chi sostiene che è impossibile costruirsi un proprio stile se non lo si possiede da piccoli. E’ vero…. per certi versi. Ma lo stile, parlando di moda ovviamente, si può anche costruire, studiando i colori, gli abbinamenti giusti e mantenendo sempre fede a quei pezzi basici che rendono ogni donna elegante senza sembrare troppo “costruita”. In uno degli ultimi serial della sua carriera, Naomi Watts diventa una vera e propria icona di stile, che a mio avviso, non perde neanche fuori dal set. Eccovi alcuni outfit senza tempo che chiunque può permettersi, scacciando una volta per tutte la domanda amletica che ogni mattina turba le nostre giornate: mi metto questo o quello? Fino ad arrivare alla solita conclusione permeata dalla nostra solita nota catastrofica: Non ho nulla da mettermi. Buona ispirazione!

Hamlet doubts trouble women’s lives on a daily basis: What whould I wear to work? Should I put this or that? Some of us seem to be so perfect every time, and some others just can’t work it out. It’s not about the budget you have to pend or about how many pieces do you have in your closet. It’s about style and taste. And speaking of style and fashionable outfits, we can manage to construct a style of our own and get the right inspiration from people who know more about it than we do. You just need some basic pieces to feel elegant, effortless and not that “constructed”. Naomi Watts, a style icon, is one of those over 40 years old women that seem to have a knack for style and is quite good at it. Here are some of her beautiful outfits from her latest serial Gipsy and some other outfits from her street style. Look please, at these pictures and let hour Hamlet doubts just fade away!




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Today’s post is my personal selection of inspirational pictures (fall outfits and warm interiors) that reflect my idea of autumn. Neutral colors and nuances, rusty coats and bicolor outfits. Hope you find it inspirational. Enjoy and have a great day! 
Continue to enjoy better!




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I don’t know if it occurs to you too, but in this time of the year I need to colour my life and everything that surrounds me, from cushions to colorful rugs and bed sheets. While I love that cold minimalist touch of summer interiors, I am more than convinced that warm hues are just essential to me in winter and make me feel high –spirited and energetic. And fall is just about warm colors, falling yellow leaves, brown nature, foliage, dark green hues. That is why I just felt an uncontrallable push to share this wonderful place. Today’s interior is the perfect representation of fall. Its energetic vibes perfectly resonate with the season. There are no white walls, every wall is painted and geometric shapes add that design touch typical of the sixties and seventies, the playroom of the children is also and without a doubt tinged with pastel and bold colors. The living room is a perfect fusion of rattan objects, modern and contemporary furniture pieces along with unique contemporary paintings. Everything in this place reflects its owner. And here we come to the most interesting part of the post. As you all know I am a big fan of the lifestyle blog Insidecloset. It is here that I stumble upon the most beautiful French-styled apartments and houses, owned and furnished by stylish and successful people. What I love most about the blog is the selection of the people featured in it. The website perfectly reflects that style and that very particular allure that French people are so famous for. This wonderfully elegant house belongs to the founder of Goodmoods, Julia Ruel-Dalmaison, a real source of inspiration for fashionable people and is located near Paris. Julia lives here with her husband and her three children and could you belive it … even with a lot of chickens, a dog and a cow. She lives with style and she knows about design don’t you think? 

Please enjoy the house tour and the site, just as I did! 



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