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Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof

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In a city known for its alternative art community and underground scene, Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof, offers its own version of creative expression.


Moxy is a budget hotel with the soul of a boutique hotel. Located in the heart of Berlin on the border between east and west, here you’ll experience urban buzz, vibrancy and diversity at every turn. Situated steps from Berlin’s Ostbahnhof train station, just 2 city rail stops from Alexanderplatz. It’s also close to Berlin’s famous night clubs and the hip going-out areas in the Friedrichhain and Kreuzberg districts.

Marriott’s newest brand is focused on the millennial traveler, who understands that style can be delivered at attractive prices. Introduced in Europe in 2013, the Moxy brand launched in the United States in January 2015. Marrying smart service and technology with contemporary style, Moxy is do-it-yourself made easy. The brand offers buzzy and stylish communal spaces, snacks & drinks available 24/7 and a bar with local spirit seamless self-service.




Newly opened in September 2016, Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof is designed to entice and excite the next generation of travelers by giving them everything they want and nothing they don’t. That’s why the rooms don’t have closets – guests just never use them! However, in the 17 square meter rooms there is enough open storage space. The extremely comfortable beds are equipped with “uderbed” movement sensor light.

The hotels are characterized by a combination between industrial chic and pink details. The building is constructed from prefabricated modular hotel room elements. They are produced at factory, then transported and designed to be quickly assembled on the construction site. The architecture firm behind the idea is Ellis Williams Architects.






Nook Twelve is always searching for accommodations with uncompromising style at an irresistible price. This post is not in collaboration with the both Moxy and Marriott brands. However, based on our experience, our team is highly recommending Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof .

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Tamarit Apartment in Barcelona

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This stately apartment in Barcelona was recently renovated by Raúl Sánchez of Spanish practice RAS Arquitectura


The key challenge Sánchez had to face in refurbishing this 140-square-meter apartment was its long and narrow floorplan. His solution was to eschew corridors, hallways and even doors for a sequential arrangement whereby the rooms, delimited by partitions that do not reach the ceiling, run into each other. This arrangement maximizes the size of the rooms and provides uninterrupted views across the apartment by aligning the openings between spaces. But most importantly allows daylight from the bay window on the front and the courtyard on the back to diffuse throughout the entire apartment. The glazed partition between the living room and the kitchen further facilitates the light propagation.  As is the fully-glazed gallery by the courtyard, wholly reconstructed out of wood and a playful mixture of clear and translucent panels of different sizes.




Another key design feature of the renovation of this apartment in Barcelona is the subdivision of all spaces into three decorative zones. A top section, painted in grey, that encompasses the original vaulted ceiling and structural elements running uninterrupted throughout the apartment. A middle section, painted in white, that extends from a height of 60cm to the top of the partitions. And a contrasting zone below, that is clad in either wood (living room, study and bedrooms) or patterned tiles (kitchen, bathrooms and buffer zones). To glue the rooms together, Sánchez has used micro-cement to fill in the thresholds between them as well as for the walls of the entrance vestibule. The resulting aesthetic is one of clean-cut lines, stately minimalism and elegant comfort. Its only decorative flourishes are the two restored Ionic columns by the bow window. It’s like a revisioned version of an apartment in Gaudì’s Casa Batllo.



tamarit- apartment in barcelona-nook-twelve-6
info: yatzer | photography: jose hevia

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Hotel Mar Adentro, Mexico

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Hotel Mar Adentro is probably one on the most beautiful buildings I’ve seen recently. Situated in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, this architectural gem is a true lection in minimalism.

Hotel Mar Adentro - Nook Twelve

According to Miguel Ángel Aragonés, the architect, architecture has a soul, just like we do. The purpose of his works is to create harmony between all of its parts. The value of his spaces resides in their simplicity, in how plainly he presents them, and in the capacity for dialogue he achieves. The spaces he creates do not overtax forms, thus making it possible for us to pause for a moment while awakening all our senses. Time stands still, so that we may experience true contemplation. Architecture, according to this architect – someone who is always creating, and taking human sentiment into account – can be the start of an enjoyable and enriching life experience. He creates these spaces so that good things can start happening .

“The limit of the view is the horizon, constant and linear; only its mood changes, never its form,” Aragonés explains. “I imagined floating houses, houses like boxes that I would harvest in order to trap light. At Hotel Mar Adentro, the houses are made of glass on the seaside, and of concrete where they meet both Sun and desert. They are cubes in the middle of the ocean that use water not to navigate, but to sustain life. Everything becomes water, flooding your eyes and running through your body as well.”

Seen from the sky, Mar Adentro becomes a harmonic archipelago, a set of small white islets perfectly assimilated into the seascape the architect has procured. A poetic space, where everything flows and melds.We are surrounded by water; we are also largely composed of water. There, everything floats, and gravity doesn’t seem to exist.

Hotel Mar Adentro - Nook Twelve
Hotel Mar Adentro - Nook Twelve
  • Hotel Mar Adentro - Nook Twelve
  • Hotel Mar Adentro - Nook Twelve
Hotel Mar Adentro - Nook Twelve
Hotel Mar Adentro - Nook Twelve
Hotel Mar Adentro - Nook Twelve



It is the purest, most minimalist landscape a horizon could have drawn. On either side, this dreamlike scenery collided with what humans consider to be aesthetic and build and baptize as architecture.

Hotel Mar Adentro - Nook Twelve
Hotel Mar Adentro - Nook Twelve
Hotel Mar Adentro - Nook Twelve

Photos by Joe Fletcher via Archilovers

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Cereal Copenhagen guidebook launch at Muuto

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Last week was the official launch of Cereal Copenhagen guidebook at Muuto’s headquarters in the Danish capital. You know that when two brands like Cereal and Muuto come together, it’s going to be amazing.

Cereal Copenhagen guidebook launch at Muuto (4)

The space looked completely different and it was curated to fit both brands perfectly. The offices, in the heart of Copenhagen, are gorgeous and the roof terrasse has views over the city. You can check the photos of their rooftop party here. And the stunning photos in the article are by Ash James.

Speaking of photos – one of the best things at the launch has to be the way the photos have been displayed in the frames. They looked so good!

You can order the Cereal Copenhagen guidebook here and find the online guide here. I still have in my plans for the future to spend two or three weeks in Copenhagen and just wander the streets and explore. I was only there for a couple of days last time I visited. I didn’t get a chance to see that much, as it was my first time in the city. I’ve been following the work of Nina Bruun at Muuto since the begining and I would love to see the team some day while visiting the city.

Cereal Copenhagen guidebook launch at Muuto (1)
Cereal Copenhagen guidebook launch at Muuto (3)
Cereal Copenhagen guidebook launch at Muuto (6)
Cereal Copenhagen guidebook launch at Muuto (5)
Cereal Copenhagen guidebook launch at Muuto (7)

All photos by Ash James via Cereal

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Parisian picnic by Les Dames du Panthéon

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Have you ever dreamed about a parisian picnic? Laying on the grass and enjoying a meal in one of Paris’ gardens, or a chic picnic on the banks of the Seine?!

Parisian picnic by Les Dames du Panthéon (1)

Now that the weather is hot enough to get some tan, you can treat yourself with the ultimate City Picnic Package by Hôtel les Dames du Panthéon . The hotel has devised an exclusive package for its guests so that they can experience Paris like real Parisians. Explore the city of light by bike before choosing a spot to devour your picnic hamper! Just minutes from the hotel, the Jardin du Luxembourg is a really lovely place for a typically Parisian picnic.

This summer package is available until September 4th 2016 and includes:

  • One night in a Superior Room with view of the Panthéon
  • Breakfast for two people
  • A chic picnic hamper for two people containing bread, sliced meats, cheese, a bottle of wine and season fruit, plus a traditional checkered tablecloth and all the necessary cutlery, glasses and plates!
  • Bike rental for two people

For more info visit their website:

Parisian picnic by Les Dames du Panthéon (1)
Parisian picnic by Les Dames du Panthéon (2)

© Christophe Bielsa

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Black news from IKEA coming this August

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IKEA BLACK NEWS - Nook Twelve (5)

IKEA has some black news for you – new black items are launching this August. After the Viktigt collection I am really excited about this one.

The decorative elements will get more attention from the customers on myopinion. But the new cabinet doors look amazing and are definitely what we can call a statement. Black looks soo good with dark wood. It seems like they always get it right.
And look at that table setting at the end! It could be a nice last touch to your all white dining room. I’m definitely goinig to buy a lot of things from this collection!

IKEA BLACK NEWS - Nook Twelve (9)
IKEA BLACK NEWS - Nook Twelve (8)
IKEA BLACK NEWS - Nook Twelve (3)
IKEA BLACK NEWS - Nook Twelve (2)
IKEA BLACK NEWS - Nook Twelve (1)
IKEA BLACK NEWS - Nook Twelve  (6) (1024x768)
IKEA BLACK NEWS - Nook Twelve  (4) (1024x826)

All photos IKEA


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Praktik Garden Barcelona

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Finding the right place to stay in a foreign city is not always an easy task. But when you find the right one, you know it will be awesome. That’s what happened with me when I found out about Praktik Garden in Barcelona.

Praktik Garden Barcelona - Nook Twelve

Very often we associate low price with low quality, especially when we talk about accommodation. Clean room and bathroom, nice sheets and interior design plus soft towels and goodies … who doesn’t want that? I think we all do. And if we can save some money it will be nice too. Unfortunately, very often we pay more than the actual worth.  But that’s not the case with Praktik Garden (and the whole Praktik chain).

Praktik Garden Barcelona - Nook Twelve

Between Passeig De Gracia and Girona metro station, on Carrer de la Disputacio, you can find a pretty entrance hidden between big green plants.  A colorful reception welcomes you as you step inside. The typical Spanish architecture of the building with small spaces and hallways combined with circus poster themed wallpapers, creates a labyrinth leading to the urban jungle inside the patio. Divided (with plants of course) into separate areas, the practical garden offers a lounge area, sunbeds and a dining area. In my opinion, the breakfast area is the coziest one – big kitchen with bigger dining table, fireplace surrounded by books and beautiful leather chairs.

Praktik Garden Barcelona - Nook Twelve
  • Praktik Garden Barcelona - Nook Twelve
  • Praktik Garden Barcelona - Nook Twelve
Praktik Garden Barcelona - Nook Twelve

But the most important things are the rooms – monochromatic with nice Mediterranean details and botanic posters. Each room has different design thanks to the Spanish architecture again and the great work of Lázaro Rosa-Violan, the interior designer. You have everything you need for your stay plus king size beds. I recommend the rooms with street view – you’ll pay a little more but it’s definitely worth it. The superior rooms have bigger balconies than the double external ones, but they are looking over the patio and the garden. Personally, I prefer to hear the Spanish people talking and laughing on the street.
Praktik Garden Barcelona is all about the simplicity and the essential things. There is no better way to spend your money for accommodation. Plus you can easily have a stroll down to Sagrada Familia.

For Bookings :

Praktik Garden Barcelona - Nook Twelve
Praktik Garden Barcelona - Nook Twelve

Photos by Jeff Frenette, myself and Praktik Garden

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133 Years Later: Sagrada Familia has a finish date

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After (only) 133 years of construction, the famous Sagrada Familia has a finish date (kind of). The basilica has entered its final stage of construction, over 100 years since its foundation stone was laid and 90 years after its designer Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí died.

133 Years Later: Sagrada Familia has a finish date

Six new towers will soon be added in the remaining 11 years, bringing the total to 18. The tallest of the new towers will be 564 feet (172 meters) high, making the cathedral the tallest religious structure in Europe, says Jordi Faulí, the current chief architect. However, the architect said elements of decoration could take a further four to six years to finish. “It’s difficult to predict but we can say that it will be completed by 2030, 2032,” he said.

When Gaudí died in a trolley accident in 1926, only one façade—and less than a quarter of the exterior—was complete. Since then construction has been waylaid by everything from protests to politics, civil wars to funding woes. Work has just completed on the chamber, which is located 60 metres above the floor of the church and gives visitors greater proximity to the building’s brightly coloured stained-glass windows and ornamental arched ceilings. Intricately carved tree-like columns support the tall ceilings, while the church’s highly decorated outer facades depict the life and teachings of Jesus.

Adrian Bejan, a professor of mechanical engineering at Duke University, says the façades of the Sagrada Família are based on the golden ratio—the geometric proportion “behind all aesthetically pleasing art.” Bejan, whose “constructal law” states that design in nature is a universal phenomenon of physics, calls Gaudí a forebear and a “tightrope walker on the line bridging art and science. He understood that nature is constructed by laws of mathematics. What is strongest is inherently lightest and most efficient—and therefore most beautiful.”

At the heart of Gaudí’s vision is a timeless truth. As Bassegoda writes: “Looking toward the future, the lesson of Gaudí is not to copy his solutions but rather to look at nature for inspiration … nature does not go out of fashion.”

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Architects for Animals: Well-designed cat furniture

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Architects for Animals has proof that animals appreciate pioneering design as much as humans. The charitable initiative has invited some of LA’s top architects and designers to take part in its 2016 benefit by creating homes for feral cats in need of shelter from the elements.


Of course, it isn’t the first time starchitects lend their skills to faithful furry friends. Japanese graphic designer Kenya Hara famously set up Architecture for Dogs in 2012.  For Architects for Animals, twelve firms donated brilliant designs that address the functional and social needs of street cats – incorporating playful elements, such as built-in feeding bowls, string toys, a ‘trophy’ gallery of mice or a live fish bowl – while all the while still appealing to the human eye.


Among the outstanding and quirky structures, Standard Architecture | Design constructed a self-heating shelter — the California Catcube — designed to give the ideal conditions for a catnap. Built from reclaimed wood and concrete the shelter traps heat during the day and releases it during the cool of the night; meanwhile, movable wood louvers work like window shutters to allow fresh air to circulate, should its inhabitant feel the need. For the more cultured cat, Pfeiffer Partners Architects’ ‘Teatro de Gato’ (Cat Theatre) allows the feline thespian a chance in the spotlight on their own personal stage.

  • g7.-rnldesign_photo-credit-meghan-bob-photography
  • g10.-perkinswill_photo-credit-meghan-bob-photography
Leslie Farrell, Founder of Architects for Animals, started picking up the phone in 2009 to invite architects and designers to build and donate designs. It is now one of the most popular and unique events on Los Angeles’ design calendar. ‘I have always been a fan of architecture, design and artists,’ she says. ‘I decided to devote my effort to create an event that would bring these worlds together and ultimately provide new ways to raise awareness and help animals that are suffering.’

The shelters were unveiled at a sold-out benefit in March, and all of the proceeds go to FixNation – who provide medical care and spray/neutering of homeless cats throughout LA County.

Read more at Wallpaper

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La Granja Ibiza – The extraordinary Design Hotels project

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Last week Design Hotels introduced their members to the first of a kind experiment : La Granja Ibiza – A members-only retreat.

  • La Granja Ibiza by Design Hotels (1)
  • La Granja Ibiza by Design Hotels (3)

Among the honey-hued fields and moody pine forests of Ibiza’s pastoral inlands sits La Granja, an enclave of pared-down relaxation and rural simplicity. La Granja Ibiza serves as the clubhouse of Friends of a Farmer, an international organization forged around the cultivation of art, music, and crops. In designing the property, which includes the 10-guestroom farmhouse, a freestanding, two-bedroom guesthouse, a pool, and kitchen, Armin Fischer of Dreimeta design studio embraced both the heritage of the farmhouse and its inherent connection to the land, while honoring rustic simplicity, growth and decay, modesty and intransigence. Marked by classical Iberian architecture and traces of Moorish influences, the public spaces and 10 guestrooms feature arched walls and dark-wood beamed ceilings and doors, accented by hammered iron doorknobs and fixtures. Communal spaces, including the kitchen and pool, encourage the kinship of community, while ample cozy nooks for moments of simple solitude are found both inside and out.

La Granja Ibiza by Design Hotels (2)
La Granja Ibiza by Design Hotels (5)

Wildly enveloped by the pastoral verdure of Ibiza’s heartland, 20 tiered acres of pine and citrus forests give way to fertile gardens, overseen by a master farmer and an all-knowing pig. Here, among the heady scents of ficus, figs and lemon trees, is the real Ibiza. The one untouched by time and tourism, the one of rambling roads, brooding mountains, and peerless ocean vistas.

La Granja Ibiza by Design Hotels (5)

  • La Granja Ibiza by Design Hotels (7)
  • La Granja Ibiza by Design Hotels (8)

La Granja embraces the Mediterranean diet not just as a culinary mode but as a lifestyle. It’s the food. It’s the social interaction. It’s the rituals. It’s getting the right kind of exercise, being outside in the fresh air and sunshine. It’s the whole approach—beginning, of course, with the soil. Composting, mulching, and an earth-friendly approach to water management have returned vital nutrients to the multiple garden plots spread across the property. Old, ridged terraces have been reborn, now revealing a seeded curation of the land with 30 assorted fruit and vegetable varieties surrounded by trees of citrus, apple, nectarine, fig and almond. This bounty is then brought to the Kitchen, where chef José Catrimán prepares a delicious menu of healthy, fresh slow food for the communal table. A pervading sense of community governs at La Granja Ibiza , from communal farming and slow-food workshops to yoga, sunset rituals, meditation, and lectures on the future of mobile societies. Daily music sets, and a cultural concept tuned to the avant-garde foster an environment of organic togetherness.

Become a member of Design Hotels Community and experience Ibiza in a way you never imagined before.

  • La Granja Ibiza by Design Hotels (6)
  • La Granja Ibiza by Design Hotels (4)

© Design Hotels

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