Expo, Milan and Modà : kids are our future

Children are the future, Expo 2015 knows it but also the design market, the food industry, Milano and the creative minds of Modà knows it.

More and more activities, courses, TV programs, furniture design are dedicated to kids, the next consumers but above all the next influencers and thinkers.

Inside the massive area dedicated to Expo there is a children’s park, an area where kids can play educational games, learn something about feeding the planet, have fun or simply relax.

Children's Park at Expo 2015
Children’s Park at Expo 2015

At the Rotonda della Besana in Milan for 6 months special workshops, performances, game- exhibitions, exhibits and installations are organized for kids. This project is called Children Share and was selected above many other ideas.
During the past Salone del Mobile in April, the Science and Technology Museum in Milan hosted a Kids Design Week displaying the most innovative products for under 18’s.
Teaching kids to be respectful, to avoid waste and to appreciate beauty is more important than ever. That is why I think it is better to invest in a few beautiful and solid pieces, so that they can learn that quality is forever than showering them with many useless presents or pieces of furniture that last a season.

The Pisolo chair from Modà Collection for instance is not just funky but a timeless design too, it is always perfect to rock your baby when they wake up at night without having to walk lengths. I love the yellow version, it injects some colour into a space.
The Prince armchair comes in two sizes, for adults and for kids. Such a contemporary and baroque design for a kid is so much fun! Also having a comfortable armchair in a child’s bedroom invites them to sit and read, to stop and ponder.

Moda’s bookshelves Armonia, in its small version, are perfect to store all the kids books and encourage them to keep tidy. When the kids grow up, you can easily use it in another room, being a statement piece wherever you put it.

Pisolo wooden rocking chair by Modà
Pisolo wooden rocking chair by Modà
Prince armchair by Modàalso for kids
Prince armchair by Modàalso for kids

In brief, kids are the next adults and so apart from loving and having fun with them, we also need to teach them to be decent people, people who care and love. In order to do this we need to feed their curiosity, teach them to recognize beauty, teach them to avoid waste and to go for quality if quality means forever.

Expo 2015 Milan and the Modà collection, in different ways, have this in mind, that kids are our future.

Armonia bookshelves by Modà
Armonia bookshelves by Modà
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