DIY – Designing your wallpaper – Carta da parati fai da te con Decolution

This is the evolution of decoration, in a word DECOLUTION. Have you aver dreamt of creating your own wallpaper? I have and very often, actually. I’ve always imagined a certain pattern with a certain decorative element and I have to admit, I am a little bit picky and choosy when it comes to wall paper. I recur to wall paint usually, but this is high time I used wallpaper because I can create it myself. It’s real Genius. The company is a Milan based company, prices are the same, whatever wall paper you create, you order it and they will deliver it for free. Just take a seat and let your imagination fly away. I love the catchy and playful wallpaper for kids and I am really tempted of creating a wallpaper for my little boy’s room. I had a great time creating my own girlish wallpaper, delicate and almost transparent dancers on a grey backdrop. Here is the website.

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