Paris charming apartment – Charme in un appartamento a Parigi

When it comes to the word “charm”, I immediately associate it with everything French, from interior design to style and fashion. The word itself has a French origin, it derives from charme, which in a sense cannot be translated and whose meaning is “a trait that fascinates, allures, or delights” and it is stricktly connected to some kind of spell or magic emanating from an object, a person or in our case, an apartment. French apartments are simply charmful. Who would deny that? There is something magical in them and when I stumble upon them, I somewhat feel like enchanted and drawn to have a more scrutinize them in a sense. Stendhal syndrome can can be applied to the perception and the reaction you have to a piece of art, but also to a beautiful apartment. This is how I felt when I came across this apartment today. It is simply enchanting and charmful. It is a Parisian apartment. The architect has realised some very smart and practical space solutions, like the built-in storage/library or the sliding doors cabinet in the corridor. Enjoy the tour!

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