Home Tour: Paris apartment

There are places where you feel comfortable and at home the moment you step in. That’s what I feel when I come across beautiful places like this. And Paris has that particular flair that captures the attention of everybody. In Paris you feel like stepping into an interior that carries beauty, love for design, contemporary art and classical beauty. Architectural design and styles from the different epochs mix together in a perfect fusion that gives life to that wonderful city that we all love. Flair and beauty is not something that you can decide to create arbitrarily. We say Rome wasn’t built in a day and cities like Paris and other historical European beauties are the outcome of centuries of art, culture and let’s even say, revolutionary upheavals. Today I want to share this small but very nice Paris apartment with loads of light and the perfect mix of beautiful contemporary furniture, an airy open space living with a beautiful essential and minimalist dining area and bedroom. Please, have a virtual tour of it while dreaming about Paris. 

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