Decorating with Green – Arredare con il verde

It surely depends on the season, but the choice or the fact that you have a knack for a particular color may also depend on the mood you’re in. In this time of the year I am trying to look at things with a detached eye, with mindfulness and gratitude towards the beautiful things that I have. By saying this I don’t mean I don’t give the right importance to the negative aspects of life that every human being goes through, but the effort we should put on looking and appreciating life and the fact that we are alive, should be far greater than the amount of time we spend thinking at all the minutae and troubles of life.

A soft green makes me look at the world with a relaxed mood and warm feelings. Perhaps it is because of the perfumed and balmy air of spring, because of the birds chirping at my windows every morning that I am so attracted to green. I am seriosly thinking to green paint the main wall of my bedroom . It would be great and it would only bring positive vibes to my bedroom.

The main inspiration came from Céline apartment in Lyon, France (for more pictures and for more information on Céline , a French woman with a great taste for interior decoration, go here) which I loved at first sight. It is amazing and although I may sound linguistically limited, I, by no means, can find another word to describe it. Hope you enjoy my  dose of inspiration and see you next time!

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