Trend 2020: decor walls and floors with rugs


The overwhelming return of carpets in furnishing trends clearly reflects the desire to resume the convivial dimension: the bright colors, with some touches of primary tones on more neutral backgrounds, allow to give the atmosphere immediate vivacity.

This is a very popular trend: just think that in online research, textile art is among the most trendy, with a truly exponential increase in interest.

Real artists of textile art

This is good news if you love textile art and are looking for artists whose pieces could embellish your environments.

For example, you could take a look at the work of Tammy Karat, an Australian artist who creates truly extraordinary textile art.

Colored tapestries characterized by a very important material appearance, generally of irregular shapes tending to the oval, which let the material speak for itself.


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Using an intuitive creative process, the Australian artist manages to make all the rooms in which his creations will rest unique. Thanks to the simple enhancement of classically considered poor materials, Tammy and the many artists who draw her inspiration try to resume typical Navajo traditions.

Tammy Karat

It is no coincidence that these images bring to mind the suggestions that derive from the vision of western films. These are fabrics that immediately refer us to an almost forgotten dimension, to which we give new vigor.

Tammy Karat

In fact, weaving represents a constantly evolving art form despite being timeless. The weaving is able to tell the artist’s feeling, which follows the instinct to make unique designs.

The wall rugs

The ideal tapestries must have large dimensions and the incredible details that characterize them must always be vivid. The colored wall carpet represents in all respects a real picture, which breaks with its expressive force to give a really important touch to the environment in which it is inserted.

The carpets on the walls are increasingly used in the world of furniture: they are unique objects, whose goal is to enhance the environment as a whole. This is not a simple task: this is why it is crucial to always keep in mind what style characterizes your living room.

The living area is in fact the one that best manages to convey the personality and character of those who live there. Here, then, that before proceeding with the purchase of a wall mat, one should always consider what the overall effect is that one wants to achieve. There are many companies that offer high quality textile products, which are able to adapt to different styles of living: from modern to folk, from rigorous black and white to neutral tones ton sur ton.

Return of the traditional rug

In addition to the tapestries, 2019 sees a great return of the traditional rug, the perfect complement for the living. As such it should be a support and not the total protagonist of the room when it is in the traditional position resting on the floor. A large rug, for example, is perfect for a conversation area and should always be under the sofas.

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As a general rule, when choosing patterns, the colors should go slightly in contrast with the sofas to enhance them. It is important to keep in mind that the rug will be able to determine the personality of the room very clearly, so it must be borne in mind that one should harmoniously marry with everything else.

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