Posters to decorate home and composition schemes


Posters or paintings are essential elements to give the final touch and a sense of completeness to our home.

My suggestion is to choose them after completing the decor. I believe it is important to be able to take the colors of the furniture with the colors of the picture!

In order to have a wide choice, I turned to the Stiledo website for the choice of my last two posters, which reflect the warm colors that characterize my living room.composizione quadri @EasyRelooking

In particular, the two black-framed posters depict a bouquet of herbs and chamomile.
I was happily impressed by the quality of the print, really good!
Even the frames, always ordered by them, are well done, with an intelligent closing system.

I chose these subjects because I like the “botanical” theme and I don’t get tired of it. At the moment, I love simple painting with warm colors.

In addition to knowing how to choose colors, it is also important to understand which type of composition to choose for hanging paintings.

Compositions to hang pictures

The premise is that there are several compositions for hanging paintings, and Stiledo offers several in the Inspirations section. Which I find very interesting for those who want a different composition than usual, but don’t know how to move.
In the image below, I share with you some composition schemes, mostly symmetrical.

composizioni per appendere i quadriI must admit that the symmetrical and simple patterns are my favorites! At the moment in my house you do not find (and I believe you will never find) asymmetrical poster compositions or paintings.

composizione quadri

Via Pinterest

How to pass from the composition on paper to the wall, without errors?

You can cut out sheets of paper or card (even colored) depending on the size of the paintings to hang (including frames). Bring suitable scotch tape to the walls and attach them, obviously taking all the necessary measures. In this way you should minimize errors!

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