Inspirations about interior design chairs


For the interior furnishing of a modern and stylistically impeccable home, great importance must be given to the table and the chairs that occupy a central role in welcoming guests and in the daily life of each family.

The table has always represented the sense of union of the domestic environment and the welcome that this wants to make present to all those who will have the joy of sharing a moment together.

Famous design chairs that I love most

The design chairs are inspired by environments that combine modernity in style and materials and a sense of the traditional type of hearth.

Gio Ponti designed the famous “Superleggera” (1957) made of natural or black or white lacquered ash, with defined geometric lines and a seat in a India cane.

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The “Timida chair” by Paulo Pedro Venzon, in the same way is well squared, with light materials and design that expresses security and attracts attention.

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For more sinuous shapes, I quote the No 14 Thonet chair, design Michael Thonet (1860): its light shape is expressed in the curvature of the wood, making it a chair with an essential but stylish look.

For a more enveloping aesthetic, which accompanies the body during that well-deserved rest before and during meals, softer chairs are on the market, with colors that recall the earth and nature, with peaks ranging from orange to wood.

An example is the Wishbone/CH24 chair, Carl Hansen & Søn (1950).

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The warm colors of the wood and the rounded shapes reassure, making any room welcoming.

Chairs in white, candid colors, with a rounded and equally romantic design, are well placed even in more modern environments, for the lightness of the design that characterizes them.

Materials and innovation

Beyond the forms, with innovative features, there are also novelties in the construction materials: the wood with its natural veins and adequately treated colors, excels in this panorama of possibilities.

The upholstery fabrics are tense, simple in their beauty: beige for a room with pastel colors and darker in the case of predominantly white or black.

The idea of this kind of furniture involves the combination of fabrics and colors in several points of the furniture, like splashes of color distributed in the space, perhaps taken from a chandelier or a curtain or from a frame hanging from a modern painting.

In this sense it is appropriate to combine modernity and tradition, creating an atmosphere capable of communicating a sense of style and emotions at the same time.

Once the right balance of the environment is reached, which represents the inner balance of each one, you will have the awareness of having accurately built your world.

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