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We had already seen here on the blog the project of the F&F’s living room with open kitchen! Only that in the post “How to decorate an open plan kitchen and living room” there was only the explaination of the project. Without, of course, being able to see any pictures of the final result.

This project of the living room with open kitchen is an example of how the consulting even online works really well, if you’re dealing with a competent interior designer, attentive to customer. The result was achieved by communicating only online, without even making the inspection. The house is located in Trento and, in view to save time and cost, the customer opted for the online counseling. For the explanation and the render, you can also refer to the section of the portfolio.

But here in the post you will find photos of the living room and the kitchen finally completed! with all details 🙂

Gray and blue living room

The living room was declined in shades of gray and powder blue color.  You can see a nice carpet by Rugs USA (even if it had to be bigger, here are my suggestions were not followed to the letter :)): the geometric shape is well suited to this contemporary living room! The chairs are the Skins by Calligaris, in blue color polypropylene and with a simple form.

F&F were the first to take advantage of the partnership with ArredaClick! And I reported their experience in the post “Design with EasyRelooking, furnishes with ArredaClick”, article for the presentation of the partnership! In this room there are many furnishings purchased from ArredaClick, produced by Italian companies with impeccable quality. In particular I care about the lacquering of the living room furniture: matt lacquer is of excellent quality! 

Below the furnishings purchased:

  • sofa
  • dining table
  • composition of living room furniture, designed by me. Only the TV panel was made to measure by the joiner, so that the color was identical to the floor of the kitchen snack counter.

The wallpaper that features the dining area is by Wall&Deco, almost always present in my plans for its quality!

Kitchen on neutral tones

The kitchen has instead maintained the more neutral shades of white and gray, warmed by an oak floor snack commissioned to measure by my design. The lamps on the snack bar are the adorable Aplomb by Foscarini.

What do you think of this project? When designing a living room with open kitchen it is important to maintain a common thread between sectors, with colors that can blend well with each other!

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Finally I find the time to tell you about Beija Flor vinyl rugs!

For the uninitiated, Beija Flor is an Israelian company, founded in 2007 by the designer Maya Kounievsky. I had already seen their carpets in the shop Raw, in Milan, in Via Palermo (it is one of the retailers here in Milan). But I had the opportunity to see many more models of vinyl doormats and carpets at Homi, the fair dedicated to lifestyle, that was in Milan at the end of January. Of course, you can also buy online on their website!

Beija Flor tappeti in vinile

In this post, however, no mention of vinyl carpets in general … but the vinyl Beija Flor rugs! Because their carpets are not like the others. Aesthetically, they are made really really well! Discover them with me, with pictures I took that day at the fair 🙂

Runners, placemats and rugs

Exact, the Beija Flor vinyl rugs are also available as placemats, runners or outdoor carpets! In the photos, under my feet there are runners depicting cement tiles. Very nice if you place them in the entrance or in the kitchen. In the kitchen, they can replace the classic fabric runners which, frankly, I do not love, or because you may often stumble or they get dirty very often. Instead, these are practical and aesthetically very beautiful!

We can see the designs of cement tiles in size placemats! At Homi fair, Beija Floor had set up a wall with a high cabinet full of small drawers, from which sprouted many samples and vinyl placemats.

Beija Flor tappeti in vinile

Beija Flor tappeti in vinile

Next to the myriad of placemats and drawers, there were several vinyl rugs rolled up! but they were scattered throughout the stand, many were also open and lying on the ground. Admired in all their beauty!

Beija Flor tappeti in vinile

Beija Flor tappeti in vinile

Below, you can see the detail of a couple of rugs that are considered for outdoor. Touching it, you can notice that it is thicker than others. But nothing prevents you add in your own home!

As far as I could see, the Beija Flor vinyl carpets are currently the best around! I have no doubt to recommend them: it is a really high quality product!

What do you think about it? have I intrigued you with these photos, or you already knew this reality?

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This post is for people who like to decorate with paintings. Hard work, from which I often refrain in several projects, indicating the maximum guidelines of subjects and colors of the paintings.

Furnishing with the paintings is personal and intimate. The customer should have the last word (and also the first).

In this post we discover a young and new reality in the landscape of paintings and prints by which I have established a partnership that allows me to make a contribution to those who loves to decorate with pictures, fill an empty wall with special prints, to those who love the pictures or photographs, to those loving the black and white or abstract illustrations.

We discover Arthewall and 15% discount which is open to everyone using the promo code “easyrelooking 🙂 (without quotation marks)

Feel free to take the code, share it with your friends, parents, relatives: that everyone can have a good discount to buy a bit ‘of good art!

arthewall arredare con i quadri


Arthewall: selection of worldwide artists

When a company offers me a quality partnership, I’m happy because I can also make my clients happy.

And I add that my partnership are and will always be qualitative.
But first things first.
Arthewall is a site born recently, backed by art curators who select the world works by emerging artists.  It is and will be a growing site.
You can find subjects of all tastes: from the abstract to landscapes, from hand drawings to photographs. You just have to take a look for yourself.
Here is a selection of some of my favorite images, available on the site!

Themed collection and dedicated consultant

It ‘s interesting that we could decorate with paintings of a themed collections! This can be useful both to renew a room in the house (I imagine the kids room, or the home office), and in the case of public places like bars or restaurants.
Do not you like the proposed framework in a collection? you can change!

Or do you like the style of an artist but not the paintings proposed? You can even request a custom picture, directly to the artist! It will be created just for you.
Furthermore, the customer is always accompanied by a dedicated consultant! Also in the navigation on the site!
If you collaborate with me on your project, we can already see in the final render some pictures of your interest, as has happened in the past with some customers!

I myself I will present your project to the Arthewall consultant in order to have also his advice!
Otherwise you can proceed independently 🙂

The discount

The discount is 15%, writing, at the time of purchase, the promotional codeeasyrelooking“.
But the important thing is that the discount is valid FOR EVERYONE, not just for people who had a project with me.

Having a project with me obviously has the added bonus of having  something designed by me, and that’s priceless! 😉
So, I conclude as I started …

Feel free to take the code, share it with your friends, parents, relatives: that everyone can have a good discount to buy a bit ‘of good art!

arthewall arredare con i quadri


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In newly built homes it is almost impossible to have it: we talk about the long, narrow hallway!

The long and narrow hallway is instead often a classic in older homes. Often you do not want or do not have the means to restructure and fully review the division of the rooms. You can try, therefore, to renew and perfect, rightly, what you have! That is the case of this project, I can define Relooking.

The long, narrow corridor of the customer needed to be characterized with accessories and color. As you can see in a few pictures of the situation before the project, you immediately have the view of the entire corridor from the entrance door, unless the sliding door is closed, dividing the two spaces.

Other identifiable characteristics are:

  • the terrazzo floor, which still binds in decorative choice
  • the color of the sliding door jambs and openings that lead to other two rooms
  • the high ceiling, 3.15 meters for accuracy

The color, in this case, has also the task to readjust a long, narrow space, characterized by high ceilings.

Relooking project

 1. Create a neutral basis

To play with color and accessories in a long and narrow hallway, it is essential to have a neutral base to start from. My initial advice was to paint with white:

  • the sliding door that separates the entrance from the next section of the corridor
  • the jambs of the two openings that lead to the kitchen and living room
  • the front door panel

In this way all doors and doorposts of the corridor will have the same shade. In addition, the white weighs far less than the current brown.


corridoio lungo e stretto

Just indicating the parts to be painted in white

2. Redesign the space

After having created a neutral basis, I proposed to the customer various hypotheses of color solutions. In the case of a long, and narrow hallway, in my opinion the color should have mainly the purpose to readjust the heights and lengths visually. The client did not want to make any masonry work (such as drywall). I then developed several 3D views that could better explain my ideas!

Here some of the developed views, then brought forward in the final solution. In particular, in these solutions, it was decided to:

  • use a darker color on the ceiling, including beams or
  • paint only the ceiling at the entrance, a vertical wall portion facing the wardrobe in the hallway along with a ceiling portion, and finally the front wall of the entrance door

3. View the result in preview

The final photorealistic render, only proposed for some agreed solutions, allowa the customer to see the result in preview and she can get an accurate idea of ​​how her hallway will be transformed!

What do you think about? You can see how color plays an important role in interior design!

Pictures inserted in the renders? You can find something interesting on Arthewall! You can use the promo code easyrelooking to gain a 15% discount!

codice sconto arthewall

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